Eheim Filter Media

EHEIM filter media for crystal-clear, healthy water in your aquarium

EHEIM Filter Media A correctly adjusted aquarium filter guarantees great pleasure with your hobby and perfect water quality for your fish.

EHEIM Filter Media Different filter media perform special tasks in the filter. That is why the right filter material in the right order = layer filtering, is so important.

EHEIM filter media are developed in our laboratories and made from high quality raw materials. They are continuously checked and are free from pollutants.

EHEIM supplies a series of products which provide for optimum water values and perform different functions.

1. Mechanical filtration:

Coarse, mechanically working material is used where water enters the filter process. Water is swirled and coarse particles of dirt sink. Then the water continues its way through the other layers. Different materials perform this function. EHEIM Mech has proven itself outstandingly.

EHEIM Filter Media EHEIM Mech: Mechanical filter medium for effective water treatment
Packing sizes: 1 l, 5 l

Directly after the entry into the filter cycle, the water is swirled through the hollow ceramic material. Through this action, the coarse dirt particles are going down. The pre-filtered water treated in such a way then continues its route through the other filter layers. EHEIM Mech is easy to clean and can be used several times.

EHEIM Filter Media EHEIM bioMECH: Mechanical-biological filter medium

Packing sizes: 1l, 2l, 5l

Excellent mechanical filtration with special dirt-trapping pockets Optimum pore structure ensures faster and safer decomposition of toxins

EHEIM Filter Media EHEIM MECHpro
* Its unique spiral shape ensures excellent trapping of even small dirt particles
* The ribbed surface structure also allows the colonisation of bacteria which break down toxins, thus guaranteeing an additional biological water cleaning

Packing sizes: 1 l, 2 l

EHEIM Fix: Mechanical filter medium
Packing sizes: 1 l, 5 l

This special structured coarse filter material is used for mechanical treatment of the water and is used downstream of a layer of EHEIM Mech. EHEIM Fix is used as a parting layer between the mechanical and biological filter medium. Coarser particles are restrained and are thus removed from the water prior to entry into the biologically acting filter layers.

EHEIM Synth: Filter wadding for fine filtration
Packing sizes: 1 l, 2 l

This fine-grained filter wadding, this way acting as last filter layer, once again cleans the water mechanically prior to entry into the aquarium. EHEIM Synth removes finest particles from the water, which frequently are responsible for turbidity in the aquarium. As a last filter layer, EHEIM Synth is used in a thin layer of 2 - 4 mm. After medication treatment, a new layer of EHEIM Synth has always to be used.

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