Custom Fish Tanks and Marine Aquariums (Gold Coast / Brisbane)

The perfect tank for your project can sometimes be hard to find, but Aquariums Alive can help! We can develop custom fish tanks for your Office, Business, or even your Home environment. Need a specific shape or size of tank for that new aquarium you are planning? Contact us today - through the quote form at the bottom of the page, and we can assist you in making your dream aquarium a reality.

At Aquariums Alive, we love fish tanks! We love getting the chance to help people get the aquarium they have always dreamed of!

Our large ranges of standard sized & shaped aquariums are ready to go, or we can create the a fish tank to suit your needs. Whether its a fish tank for Living room display, or a full rack setup for breeding fish, we can assist you. We can also make tanks for turtles, or as sump filtration setups.

We specialise in making fish tanks, and aquariums for the Gold Coast and Brisbane regions of Australia.

If you want a full setup, let us know! We can even make riered metal stands, and cabinets for your aquarium setups.

Because we love aquariums, and fish - we ensure that your fish tank is only made from the highest quality glass and extra strong silicone! We ensure that the tank are finished to a standard that is strong, and safe. So if you want a well priced and well built fish tank, then Aquariums Alive is your premier choice.

Looking for our standard fish tanks? Just Click Here, and you will be taken to our standard fish tanks page, which explains a little more about our normal aquariums that we have available.

If you are interested in having a custom aquarium created, have any other tank requirements, or have queries about our existing fish tanks, please contact us today by phone, or clicking on the below button.

Get a customised quote.

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