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Aquariums Alive has been providing aquarium maintenance services on the Gold Coast since 1994. We offer service and maintenance for fresh water aquariums, ponds and custom aquariums. Aquariums Alive has a high standard for the presentation of the home or office aquarium and or pond. All services are conducted in a professional manner and tanks are maintained at the highest level of excellence.

Aquariums Alive currently services aquariums and tanks in the Gold Coast region.

Our aim is to take care of all the unpleasant jobs around keeping an aquarium and just allow you to sit back and enjoy the aquarium. We take care of all the water changes, water tests, algae cleaning and keep the aquascape looking nice and presentable. We offer service as a once off offering, or on an ongoing agreement to keep the aquarium or fish tank maintained. We also can be called on for emergency callouts in the event of an issue with your aquarium.

Aquarium Maintenance Gold Coast

Regular tank maintenance is always recommended to keep a healthy and non polluted environment for the fish and other aquarium inhabitants. Some of the tasks we perform on these aquarium maintenance visits are as follow:

  • Conduct a 30% water change on the aquarium, we treat the water with Seachem Prime and also Seachem stability to assist in getting rid of the chlorine and distressing the impact of the change on the fish.
  • Conduct water tests on Ph, Nitrate, Nitrite and Amonia.
  • Clean the glass of algae and water marks.
  • Clean the filter and replace pads and media as needed.
  • Ensure that you have the right selection of foods and supplements to keep your aquarium life in good health.
  • Inform customer of any concern or needs for the aquarium.

Aquarium Maintenance Gold Coast

We want to see more people successfully keeping aquariums and the fish in them in good health.

Looking for a customised tank? No problem. We offer the highest quality of custom and specialized aquariums at the most competitive prices.

If you should have any questions or concerns regarding aquarium services please feel free to contact us. You will find that Aquariums alive is attentive to your needs.

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