Aquarium Rentals (Gold Coast area)

With workplaces becoming more and more stressful places to work, employers are looking for ways to motivate and relax there employees. Whether its greenery, more attractive work layout's or adding special lighting, Employers are aware that productivity is linked to happy employees.

One way to do this is to install an Aquarium in your office. These have been known to relax, and bring inspiration to the office. Whether it's in your lobby, customer service area, or in the heart of the office.

Renting an Aquarium

Aquarium's and fish tanks can be tricky to set up, and costly to buy, depending on the size of the tank. That is why Aquariums Alive offers an aquarium rental service on the Gold Coast. We can help you install and rent both the aquarium and the fish inside.

Whether its for you home or office, come and talk to us about aquarium Rental and aquarium Maintenance options.


Maintaining Your Aquarium

One of the hardest parts when you buy an aquarium is either having the time of the knowledge to maintain it. At aquariums alive we offer aquarium maintenance packages to keep your tank and fish at optimal performance. Regardless of your schedule, we can offer convenient aquarium maintenance to suit you.

This give you the opportunity to concentrate on your business and let us look after you fish.


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