Marine Aquariums

There is no doubt that marine aquariums are some to the most spectacular aquariums to look at. The amazing colours of saltwater fish and corals can make an exquisite focal point in any home or office. When you are thinking of starting a marine aquarium, there are three different options you can go for.

Fish Only Aquariums

Fish Only (FO) Marine Aquariums

A fish only (FO) marine aquarium, as the name suggests, is a tank in which only fish are kept without any live corals. This is the least expensive type of marine aquarium to set up as the lighting requirements are much less, however they can take longer for the aquarium to cycle and require more frequent tank maintenance compared other types of marine aquariums. FO marine aquariums are best suited to people who are just starting out in keeping marine aquariums,

Fish Only With Live Rock (FOWLR) Marine Aquariums

A fish only with live rock (FOWLR) marine aquarium is one in which fish are kept with live rock without live corals. Live Rock refers to the porous rocks used in the marine aquarium that provide areas, both inside and on the surface of the rock, for marine creatures and organisms to live. Live rock, besides looking attractive, also provides one of the best forms of biological filtration in the marine aquarium due to the organisms that live in it. FOWLR marine aquariums require better lighting than fish only marine aquariums; however they require less maintenance than fish only marine aquariums.

Reef Tank Marine Aquarium

Reef Tank Marine Aquariums

Reef Tank marine aquariums are ones in which corals, anemones and invertebrates are kept. Fish are also housed in a reef tank marine aquarium, however the main focus of the tank are the beautiful corals and anemones rather than the fish. Due to the hard nature of keeping corals and anemones, reef marine aquariums require close monitoring of the water parameters , can be expensive to setup and as such are generally on kept by experienced marine aquarists who have first succeeded in keeping and maintaining FO and FOWLR type marine aquariums.

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