Tropical Fish

Tropical or Freshwater fish come and a variety of styles and species. How you care for the fish, the space they need, the compatibility of the fish, and the size of the tank will all depend on the species you purchase.

Here are some of Tropical Fish we stock:-

Betta's (Siamese Fighting Fish)

Betta's are some of the most well known tropical fish. There long flowing fins and brilliant coloration make them one of the most beautiful aquarium fish. They can belong in community tanks however, only one male should be placed in a Aquarium tank.


We stock a wide range of Catfish, including harder to find fish like the L Number Catfish L002, L202 and L333. Catfish are ray finned fish known for there prominent barbels, which resembles cat's whiskers. Most catfish are bottom feeders.

American Cichlids

Both North and South American Cichlids. These vary from the Northern cichlids that have adapted to many different temperatures to the southern cichlids which prefer more acidic water. Depending on the types of cichlids bought will depend on the aggressive factor of these fish.

Lake Malawi Cichlids

These are a very popular tropical fish for the aquarium hobbyist. They are very active and colorful fish. The general aggressiveness of these cichlids makes them unsuitable for community tanks. They also require a more herbivorous diet.

Lake Tanganyika Cichlids

These fish will appreciate rocks and other hiding places, which is more suited to there natural habitat. These fish vary in both body size and eating habits. For instance some like to nibble on the fins and scales of other tropical fish.

Australian Native Fish

These Include Australian Rainbows, Grunters, Catfishes, Gudgeons, Blue Eyes and Australian Pencilfish.

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