Aquarium Relocations on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast Aquarium RelocationsAquariums Alive offers a hassle free relocation service for your aquarium system. Whether you are renovating, moving into a new home, relocating your office, or simply wish to change the location of your tank, we can provide a trouble free solution for you.

Aquarium Relocations Gold Coast

We know that the thought of moving or relocating your aquarium can be a daunting and stressful thing, let us help you move your aquarium, so that you don’t lose time worrying about it! We will arrange the vehicles, and man power, to take care of transporting all of your Aquatic Wildlife, the Aquarium itself - and all equipment associated with it, in the utmost safest way possible, taking special care to reduce the stress on the fish.

Our priority is to make the move/relocation as stress free for both yourself, and your fish, as we can!

We currently perform relocations around the Gold Coast, and can provide this service outside of the Gold Coast if required. Call us today to get a quote on moving your Aquarium.

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