EHEIM classic

EHEIM classic From a compact external canister filter for aquarium sizes up to 250 l to a large filter for aquarium sizes up to 1500 l, the classic range features carefully tailored external canister filters, equipped with high quality components with an excellent price-performance ratio.

You can't go wrong when you choose a classic model. classic external canister filters have everything a filter needs. What's more, they feature the proverbial EHEIM running smoothness and sophisticated functionality.

EHEIM classic On the market for years and proven millions of times, the classic range has meanwhile become the basic model in the world of EHEIM external canister filters. Not all aquarium owners expect convenient optional comfort features, priming supports and filter baskets. But that doesn't mean that you have to do without the perfect pump output and filter efficiency, maximum running smoothness and endless continuous operation characteristics of EHEIM filters.

In short: you will find all the features which make up an EHEIM external canister filter in the classic models.

EHEIM classic 2213 - 2215 - 2217

Classic external canister filters for aquarium sizes up to 600 l - tried and tested millions of times. A balanced pump output to canister volume ratio ensures optimum conditions in your aquarium. With their low power consumption these models set standards in this class. classic external canister filters can also be operated with sponges and pads. However EHEIM recommends layering with EHEIM filter media. Tailored filter media sets are available for every model. The pump head and filter canister are connected simply and very functionally with functional clips and a high quality silicone o-ring.

High quality accessories from the EHEIM range allow this filter to grow with your needs and guarantee long-lasting enjoyment of your hobby.

EHEIM classic 2250 - 2260

These classic external canister filters have been proven models for large aquarium sizes up to a volume of 1500 l for years. Equipped with large canister volumes (7 l and 23 l, respectively) and strong pumps (1200 l/h and 2400 l/h, respectively), large aquariums are filtered efficiently. The large model 2260 is equipped with a drain cock in the bottom of the canister for easier use.

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