Eheim Accessories

EHEIM Accessories Water neutral maintenance spray

This silicon-based maintenance spray protects all seals and moving parts. You can reach even difficult places with the supplied hose attachment. The spray is naturally free from solvents and toxic substances.

EHEIM Accessories Automatic gravel cleaner

With this battery-operated gravel cleaner (batteries included), you can clean the floor of your aquarium easily, even between water changes. This device is so designed that dirt is taken up without disturbing the gravel and its purifying bacteria. A filter compartment in the device retains the dirt while letting the water immediately back into the aquarium. The filter element is simple to remove and clean.

EHEIM Accessories Auto Feeder

In your aquarium, feeding can be performed by the battery-operated EHEIM automatic feeder. The required quantity as well as daily feeding times can be programmed reliably with the relevant number of turns. This feeder can be manually operated.

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